About us

In the Info-mechanics & Neuroethology Lab we are a group of engineers and neuroscientists with an interest in understanding novel sensory systems, naturalstic behaviors, and predator-prey dynamics. Our research involves both theoretical work (mathematical and computational modeling of systems and their interactions) as well as experimentation. We largely investigate how animals interact (both amongst themselves and with their environment) and how their biomechanics and sensory systems affect their decsion-making and movement. Some of this work is then translated into advanced biorobotic systems. While most of our research can broadly be categorized as such, it is much more diverse and prone to change than most labs. Right now we are most interested in decision-making in complex and highly dynamic environments under aversive conditions.


Algorithmic and Neural Basis of Planning Neuromechanics of Prey Capture
Bio-Inspired Active Electrosense and Underwater Robotics Active Electrosense

Lab Members


Below is a list of collaborators that we have worked with or are currently working with both at Northwestern and externally.

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